Dr. Karl Jawhari was a teacher assistant at Life University in Marrietta, GA, and has taught his colleagues modern and effective chiropractic techniques. He is a national speaker for the Health Awareness Foundation and is certified by the Wellness Chamber of Commerce as a Health Coach. He is the author of the book “How Hormones Are Making You Fat” and has co-authored “Neck Pain, You Don’t Want It, You Don’t Need It,” and “The Little Black Book of Fitness.”

He founded Core Integrative Health, a practice providing a range of medical services and alternative care services such as spinal decompression, Class 4 Laser, rehab, and nutrition. The practice is proud of its comprehensive approach to care and aims to heal people’s bodies structurally and nutritionally, working toward having them experience abundant and fulfilling lives. The practice has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and is set to open another office in Orlando, Florida. Meanwhile, Dr. Jawhari is training doctors to become executives in their own practices.

Dr. Karl Jawhari has been given a leadership award for teaching children self-discipline and confidence.